Vision examination

Timely detection of problems and regular control of eye conditions are key factors in maintaining the health of your vision.

At your disposal are two specialized clinics where you can do all kinds of ophthalmic examination and consultation with our doctor specialists in ophthalmology.

Diopta has the latest appliances ophthalmic technology that you can rely on.

We can perform the following inspections:

  • Complete Ophthalmic examination
  • Computer determination of the diopter for glasses and contact lenses
  • Examination of eye fundus
  • Measurement of intraocular pressure (non-contact and / or applanation method)
  • Daily curve of eye pressure
  • Computerised eye field
  • Coroneal Pahimetics
  • Children eye exam (dioptric in cycloplegia)

Tips’n’tricks of experienced ophthalmologist about how often you should do a review:

  • Children up to 7 years, every 6 months
  • Children and young people aged 7 to 16 years , every year
  • Teenagers of 16 years and adults up to 60 years, every two years
  • Elderly from 70 to 80 years every two years (if there is a need and often)
  • Elderly age 80, each year


Within each store it is possible to perform the determination of refractive error and control / and checkup of diopters.