Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are the least pretentious way to solve vision problems especially when it comes to high myopia and high refractive error in only one eye. In addition to the aesthetic, there are a number of medical advantages in comparison to glasses, including:

  • 1. Improved visual acuity (up to 30% compared with the correction glasses)
  • 2. The maximum correction on both eyes in cases of differences in the sphere
  • 3. Avoids the limitation of the visual field with frame glasses
  • 4. There is no fogging of glasses, pinching on the nose or behind the ear

It is important to note that contact lenses require a higher level of concern about hygiene, so in addition to careful selection of lens types it is important to take into account the kind of tools and equipment for maintenance. DIOPTA offers a complete range of contact lenses and solutions for maintenance of global manufacturers Bausch&Lomb, Optix, Ciba Vision and others. In all our stores, you can choose daily, monthly, quarterly and annual lenses, lenses for daily replacement as well as lenses for extended wear.