Corrective ophtalmic lenses

DIOPTA offers the largest selection of corrective ophthalmic lenses for your glasses, various foreign and domestic manufacturers of superior quality and craftsmanship. In addition to the mineral, we offer all kinds of organic (plastic) lenses, including:

Monofocal Lenses (nearsightedness and farsightedness)

Bifocal lenses (different diopters at distance and near vision)


Multifocal – Progressive

Multifocal lenses or progressives are modern and aesthetically acceptable solution for the seamless transitions between fields. They are very practical because instead of 2 pairs of glasses, one for near sight and the other for distance vision, users can combine two into one pair that is very easy to get used to.

Freeform Progressive lenses are available in several types:

Optima Plus (30% wider field for near sight work and reading, higher channel width of medium width channel, wide and functional zone for distance vision)

Dynamic (designed for very active people in constant motion. Broad field of vision for distance, near sight field is limited)

Indoor (modern, designed for indoor activities, an exceptional wide field of vision proximity and suitable for long distance vision)

Office (closed space, the distance of clear vision 3 – 4m suitable for computer)

The possibility of making Progresive with personal parameters, the above-mentioned types:

Individual (with the help of software to perform the design and lens manufacture for each user individually and uniquely (like a fingerprint).

Also, following the global trend, we are able to offer the latest generation of progressive Freeform HD in two types:


Optima and Dynamic

You will be able to experience the world as nature intended. They are characterized by excellent design with complete comfort and aesthetic effect, with a wide field of view and high resolution.

Also, we have the Individual.

As technology progresses, we are trying to keep track of all aspects related to organic (plastic) lenses to offer them in a variety of materials.
We offer a wide range of ophthalmic lenses, which are characterized by finesse and ease, as well as a thin lenses that are suitable for children, adults and seniors as well.

Lenses may be spherical or aspherical, in many diameters – so they can be installed in almost all frames.


It is necessary to draw attention to:

Photosensitive ophthalmic lenses – a colorless corrective lenses that turn dark under the influence of sunlight and provide a complete UV eye protection. They are available in gray and brown color.

Transition VII generation – the best material of photosensitive lenses on the market. They are characterized by a high speed of response to changing lighting conditions, providing 100% eye protection when worn, as in an office environment, as well as the outside conditions.


Drivewear and Polarizing ophthalmic lens – ideal for those whose living habits are tied to surfaces with high reflectivity (water, snow, asphalt). Ideal for driving because they act even when they are not under the influence of UV rays.


High Density Lenses – for installation in drilling frames, we offer these high-strength lenses.

Our recommendation for drilling frames is Trivex – special hard material due to its excellent mechanical strength and elasticity ideal for the drilling frames procedures.

Relax Monofocal are monofocals made on free form machines. The inner surface of the lens is designed by a special software, taking into account all the parameters of the framework in which the lens will be installed.

  1. Sport Relax: aspheric lenses designed for installation in curved sports frames.
  2. Relax Reading: aspherical lenses that facilitate the accommodation of the eyes when reading and working on proximity. They are intended for people 25 to 45 years who experience fatigue when working in proximity to, and are an ideal solution to ease the suffering of people on the verge of presbyopia.
  3. Relax Opensense: aspheric lens with an extended and sharp field of vision, intended for sensitive users who have difficulty getting used to new glasses.